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"After much mainline store shopping, nothing compared to being able to sit down, pick out my own diamond, and design my own ring for a great price!  Great customer service and the ring is second to none!"
Brian Howell  Wedding: July 5, 2013   Brian (PCC '11)

"Based on the quality and excellent service Gemological Services provided, we were able to pick out the perfect rings that fit our budget and unique desires.  We highly recommend Gemological Services to all our friends, and have the proof of quality on our left hands!"
Dan & Tawnya Smith  Wedding: July 30, 2011   Dan (PCC '10, UWF '14)   Tawnya (PCC '12)

"I was studying abroad in India when I made the decision to purchase an engagement ring.  The fact that I was several thousand miles away did not stop Dan from giving me fabulous service.  Dan patiently worked with me to find the perfect diamond and mount for my soon-to-be fiance.  When I landed back in the U.S. the ring was waiting for me and I proposed two days later.  My fiance absolutely  loves the ring.  Thanks Dan!"
Matthew Brown & Sarah Lobato   Wedding:   May 12, 2012   Matt (PCC '07, SU '11)   Sarah (PCC '12)


"It looks amazing!!!   Thanks so much for your work and for getting it done in time!  You truly do excellent work and lived up to your reputation.  Thanks again!"
Quincy & Heather Lima   Wedding:   July 29, 2011   Quincy (TMC '00, TMS)   Heather (TMC '06)

"Dan provides quality products & the BEST customer service - - amazing!!!  So trustworthy and dependable!!  If you're looking for a product, you're at the right place!!"
Ed & Julie Lee   Wedding:   July 4, 2005   Ed (UCLA '04)   Julie (UCLA '04)

"I wanted to tell you how much we love the ring.  Everything went great and she loves it!  You do great work and I've already passed your name on to a couple of my friends.  You'll be seeing us again in the near future."
Seth Quance and Kimberly Joseph  Wedding:   June 2, 2012   Seth (PCC '10)   Kimberly (PCC '12)

"I visited numerous jewelry stores and shopped extensively online in order to find a quality diamond at an affordable price.  No store or online company came close to matching the price, quality, and service of Gemological Services, and I would not have been able to give my wife the amazing ring that she has now if it were not for this amazing company."
Ben & Caroline Davey  Wedding:   July 17, 2010   Ben (Shepherds Theological Seminary)

"I had been in many different jewelry stores trying to find the ring rings for Ami and I.  When we saw an advertisement for Mr. Anderson, I decided to check it out.  I am very happy I did.  He was able to get us two great rings for prices that were in our budget.  I will definitely buy from him again and I recommend others to do the same."

Jonathan and Ami Martino   Wedding:   July 19, 2009   Jonathan (PCC '08)   Ami (PCC '09)

"I've known Dan and Deb personally since 1994 and they have always exemplified the Air Force Core Values - Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in ALL They Do.  There is no better option for rings and other jewelry.  We bought our rings from Gemological Services and many of our friends and family have done the same!"
Chaplain, Captain Cliff and Wendi Jones   Wedding:   August 5, 2000   Cliff (PCC '99, TBS '03)   Wendi (PCC '00)


"Dan made our ring shopping experience easy and enjoyable.  I will recommend him to all my friends."
Brandon Cordio and Patty Wagner   Wedding:   August 18, 2008   Brandon (BJU '05, BJU '07)   Patty (NBBC '05, BJU '08)

"Dan rescued me from a perilous diamond choice I nearly made with a different jeweler.  He then directed me to a larger, higher quality diamond at a lesser, more affordable price.  I now recommend Gemological Services to all my friends!"
David and Emiley Marriott   Wedding:   December 28, 2007   David (MBBC '07)   Emiley (MBBC '09)

"Dan's no-pressure, honest, and professional approach to his business is truly remarkable.  I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and I would highly recommend Gemological Services to anyone looking for quality without the cost."
Joshua and Connie Sanders   Wedding:   January 6, 2007   Joshua (PCC '07)   Connie (PCC '07)

"I greatly appreciated Dan's willingness to educate me on diamonds . . . whether I bought one from him or not.  I got a great ring for a great price and my bride-to-be greatly loved it!"
Caleb Davey and Gloria Anne Hamilton   Wedding:   June 20, 2008   Caleb (NBBC '07)   Gloria (NBBC '07)

"My engagement ring was beautiful.  Just before my two-year anniversary I bent the setting badly.  Within two weeks Dan fixed it and returned it to me as beautiful as the day he originally made it."
Mark and Kimberly Joseph   Wedding:   October 28, 2005   Mark (BSU '00)   Kimberly (HU '97, GWU '01)

"Great service!  Affordable prices!  Beautiful quality!."
Jorge and Dahlia Vazquez   Wedding:   October 28, 2006   Jorge (NBBS)   Katherine (PCC)

"Dan Anderson took the stress out of buying a ring.  My wife and I would definitely recommend Gemological Services to anyone looking for a high-quality diamond, friendly service, and a professional transaction."
Andrew and Katherine Bougie   Wedding:   May 11, 2007   Andrew (BJU '08)   Katherine (BJU '08)

"I came into the diamond buying experience with no knowledge whatsoever and Gemological Services was exactly what I needed.  Dan taught me the basics, helped me find the perfect ring, and made my future wife very happy."
Ryan and Sarah Cushman   Wedding:   June 3, 2005   Ryan (NBBC '07)   Sarah (NBBC '07)

"Being poor college graduates, the ring purchase was somewhat of an intimidating endeavor, but we found Gemological Services extremely accommodating to our budget and not to mention extremely oriented to meeting our specific wishes."
Keith and Janice Boss   Wedding:   July 29, 2006   Keith (NBBC '04, '06)   Janice (FBCC '00)

"Gemological Services provided excellent service and high quality diamonds at an unbelievable price for our wedding.  We are thankful for Dan's expertise and will use Gemological Services in the future for our anniversaries and special occasions."
David and Mindy Cederquist   Wedding:   December 17, 2004   David (CCC '04, CBS '08)   Mindy (CCC '05)

"Beautiful...That's what everyone says when they see my wife's ring.  Superb...That's what my wife and I say when we refer people to Gemological Services."
Timothy and Sara Braddock   Wedding:   June 9, 2007   Timothy (PCC '07)   Sara (PCC '07)

"Dan mailed me the exact ring that I was wanting.  It was first-rate quality at an excellent price.  I proposed two days later."
Adam and Abby Almaroad   Wedding:   July 23, 2005   Adam (BJU '99, '01)   Abby (BJU '03)

"Dan helped make picking out the right engagement and wedding ring very enjoyable with his knowledge and willingness to help.  The prices were great too; approximately $1000 lower than comparable rings at other jewelers."
Josh and Amy Aldridge   Wedding:   September 2, 2006   Josh (PCC '06)   Amy (PCC '06)

"It was an answer to prayer when I found the exact ring I had been looking for on Gemological Services' website.  I was able to get a quality diamond for an excellent price and with the perfect ring to match!"
Jacob John Bennett and Laura Elizabeth Neisler   Wedding:   June 28, 2008   Jacob (MBBC '07)   Laura (MBBC '07)

"Dan is very flexible and always available.  I recommend Dan to be your source for quality and great prices."
Scott Chesebrough   Wedding:   May 22, 2004   Scott (BJU '03, '05)

"Gemological Services is concerned about their clients, not just selling a product.  My wife's ring was appraised for triple the price that I paid for it."
Stephen and Erica Burch   Wedding:   June 10, 2006   Stephen (PCC '05)   Erica (PCC '05)

"I love seeing my wife's face brighten up when she glances at her beautiful ring as well as when she receives compliments on its fine quality of craftsmanship.  The Andersons are gemological experts who will truly care about your desires while presenting you with the finest jewelry to fit your budget."
Samuel and Sarah Bereza   Wedding:   May 19, 2007   Samuel (NBBC '04, '06, CBTSVB '09)   Sarah (NBBC '01)

"I had heard of Dan's services through several friends, but once I actually made contact with him, it was better than I could have imagined.  He was genuinely desirous to help me find the right engagement ring.  He answered emails, called me in a foreign country at my request, and did extra research for a special order for me.  Kristin and I will not soon forget the wonderful services we have received from Gemological Services."
David Chapman and Kristin Alexander   Wedding:   July 5, 2008   David (BJU '06)   Kristin (BJU '04, '06)

"Customers can buy with confidence because Gemological Services truly stands behind its guarantees of quality, satisfaction, and value."
Aaron and Julia Broughton   Wedding:   June 23, 2007   Aaron (NBBC '06)   Julia (NBBC '04)

"Finding the right kind of diamond within my price range was a simple task.  I never felt pressured during my experience with Gemological Services and I felt that I could completely trust that I was getting quality for a good price."

Jonathan Bickel   Wedding:   December 29, 2006   Jonathan (ABC '02)

"Picking out and pricing the perfect ring was a snap with Gemological Services' easy-to-navigate website.  And Dan's professional advice and excellent service are just a couple of the reasons we recommend Gemological Services to all of our friends and family."
Troy and Sherry Cole   Wedding:   December 31, 2005   Troy (Purdue '95)   Sherry (NBBC '98)

"After almost two years, my wife is still getting compliments for her beautiful engagement ring.  Thanks for helping me pick the right ring at the right price."
Mike and Shona Arbrouet   Wedding:   February 25, 2006   Mike (PCC '05)   Shona (PCC '05)

"WOW!!  The ring looks amazing.  We are so impressed at the work that you have done.  Thank you for helping make this happen."
Caleb Bussell & Jessica Wood   Wedding:   August 18, 2007    Caleb (Cal Poly SLO '01, TMS '09)   Jessica (TMC '07)

"We highly recommend Gemological Services.  They gave us a great deal on a gorgeous diamond with outstanding customer service."
Chris and Melody Bell   Wedding:   July 10, 2004   Chris (VBC '05)   Melody (PCC '01)

"The service quality of Gemological Services excelled beyond my expectations. I was able to find the exact ring that both my wife and I had in mind."
David and Keara Trepanier  
Wedding:   January 1, 2005    David (NBBC '05, TMS '09)   Keara (NBBC '04)

"I described my budget and what I was looking for to Dan and he found exactly what I wanted.  I didn't have to break the bank or sacrifice quality in order to give my girl the ring of her dreams"
Jonathan Borud and Reina Wortley   Wedding:   June 2008   Jonathan (PCC '06)   Reina (Liberty '08)

"We have appreciated Dan's personal and professional touch while dealing with Gemological Services over the last few years. The value and quality of his products brought us back, and we will continue to highly recommend him to all our friends and family."
Dean and Katelyn Setzler   Wedding:   August 2, 2002     
Dean (NBBC '02)   Katelyn (NBBC '02)

"I was referred to Mr. Anderson by my pastor a few years back and had a great first experience in buying a diamond.  I usually am very vigilant and studious when it comes to something new I have to purchase, but Dan Anderson bent over backwards for me, was always upfront, truthful, went the extra mile (literally), and I even met him near my home.  I went on to purchase a few more items from him, wedding rings, and a pair of diamond earrings and everything was just wonderful and excellent.  I stand by Mr. Anderson and whenever I think of diamonds, I automatically think of him every time.  Thanks again Dan!"
Brian Cho   Wedding:   May 15, 2004   Brian (Cal State)

"Saw it...Liked it...Bought it...She Loved it!"
Michael and Laura Vaughan   Wedding:   June 2, 2007   Michael (NBBC '06)   Laura (NBBC '07)

"The easiest part of our engagment/wedding by far has been purchasing rings. I knew things were different when Mr. Anderson encouraged me to shop around; You will not find such high quality at such reasonable prices anyhere. I recommend Gemological Services to anyone who's looking for quality or is on a budget."
Tim Scally and Donna Jackman  
Wedding:   July 28, 2007   Tim (MBBC '03)   Donna (MBBC '06).

"Gemological Services and more so Dan's expertise gave me great confidence in purchasing the finest diamond and ring.  What mattered most was that she loves it!"
Randy and Rebecca Davis   Wedding:   April 25, 2009   Randy (BJU '08)   Rebecca (NBBC '09)


"My husband and I could not find the ring I wanted, so Dan made it for me and because the price was so good, I was able to get more than I asked for."
Caleb and Krystin Keener   Wedding:   June 21, 2003   Caleb (PCC '01)   Krystin (PCC '04)

"Dan was very helpful, prompt, and had a good selection with great prices.  I won't hesitate to go to Gemological Services the next time I neeed to purchase jewelry."
Jon and Colleen Eckert   Wedding:   September 19, 2009   Jonathan (BJU '08)   Colleen (BJU '09)